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Where are the jobs for MBA grads?

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Wipro shareholders disapprove of Delaporte's severance, more duties on Chinese EVs?

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Welcome to Top of the Morning by Mint, your weekday newscast that brings you five major stories from the world of business. It's Friday, May 31, 2024. My name is Nelson John. Let's get started:

It's been a rough week for stockholders: the Indian equity markets fell slightly again on Thursday. Nifty was down by 0.95 percent, while Sensex dropped 0.83 percent. 

The Reserve Bank of India released its annual report yesterday. It said that despite challenges, India is set to grow faster and stronger over the next decade. RBI noted the resilience of the Indian economy in the face of multiple external factors, including geopolitical tensions and  risks due to climate change. Shayan Ghosh and Gopika Gopakumar write that another challenge that the RBI specifically pointed out was the rapid development of artificial intelligence, as opposed to being treated as an opportunity. Interestingly, a deficient monsoon meant that India had to over rely on manufacturing and services sectors to power its 7.6 percent growth last year.

Thierry Delaporte's time as the CEO of Wipro was a rocky one. He was set to be at Wipro's helm for five years, but could barely eke out 14 months. Despite the short stint, he became one of the richest executives in India's IT sector. When Delaporte was asked to resign by Wipro chairman Rishad Premji, he was told he could have a hefty severance — 4.33 million dollars, or 36 crore rupees. However, public investors weren't too thrilled at such an expensive severance package: Varun Sood reports that more than 75 percent of investors voted against it. However, strong promoter holding meant that Premji could guarantee Delaporte his exit pay. It's a rare dispute between investors and the management in a company as well managed as Wipro, Varun writes.

It's not been a good year for MBA students: a Deloitte report said that campus placement budgets for business graduates had fallen by 33 percent. This is the first time companies have reduced their budgets for freshers. Even top engineering colleges have failed to attract recruiters this past placement season. Devina Sengupta writes that a global economic slowdown has affected foreign companies hiring Indian graduates, while other companies are looking for hires that require minimal training. It's a dim job market out there.

Chinese EV makers were hoping to expand across the globe, but the options are dwindling. First, the European Union planned to increase their import duties to around 25 to 30 percent on these vehicles. Next, the US said it would increase the taxes to 100 percent of the car's value. And now, the next most viable foreign market, India, might soon lose out too: the central government is ramping up its efforts to monitor the dumping of Chinese EVs in India. Dhirendra Kumar reports that senior government officials are worried that after being shunned from the western markets, these automakers will fill the Indian market with cheap electric cars. Officials are considering raising the import duties on electric engines, or imposing stringent quality checks to protect Indian car makers, reports Dhirendra.

At one point, old age homes were the only available option for senior citizens. But today, we have independent senior living — an arrangement where retirees stay alone, with services such as meals and health checkups provided regularly. By 2050, India will be home to more than 17 percent of the world's elderly population. That provides a huge market for senior living, but at the moment, it's a luxury that only the affluent can afford. Madhurima Nandy takes a deep dive into this industry, and writes about the present situation, the opportunities, and the challenges for senior living to become a viable part of India's booming real estate market.

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